Our meta narratives
Globally, we are on the precipice of encountering the impact of five major global disruptors (i.e., climate change, hyper urbanization, pandemics, automation, and unprecedented wealth inequality). The global disruptors and the Industrial Revolution will irreversibly alter the 21st century—critically impacting our democracy and economy.
Vulnerable populations, especially racial and ethnic minorities, will be disproportionately burdened by the global disruptions (climate change and automation)-exacerbating social inequalities and compounding the barriers to a decent standard of living. Entities serving this population must augment its service model and organizational architecture.
Not only is this profoundly unjust, but it is also dangerous for the stabilization of democracy and local economies. It is imperative that governance leaders and institutions must undergo a process to ensure they are equipped to withstand and exhibit resilience as they strive to build healthy communities and support State stability.

We envision a global community where the planet, its communities, and institutions operate in harmony.

We thoughtfully iterate tactical architectures to produce optimal performance now and for the emerging landscape.

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We solve clients' problems of practice while forecasting for the emerging global landscape.
Not just your regular
strategic management and advisory agency

"Intentions" and "will" are the preliminary essentials to the process of developing a bolder and more efficient organization. Often times, it’s not a matter of desire but aligning the operational performance to exhibit commitment to the vision.

We make the “magic” happen today

By optimizing the current window of opportunity, we build organizations' capacity to solve the existing problems of practice impacting communities and the human experience. Simultaneously, we build the roadmap for future oriented solutions while building entities' ability to enduringly measurably perform.

The services we offer range from community engagement and designing an evidence based certified human support services model to supporting State Stability amidst a globally changing landscape.

No matter if you are a small or big business, we exist to offer solutions that ensure your organization implements an operating system  capable of withstanding shocks.
Dr. NIKKA LEMONS | ceO & Founder

Our Team

Christina Billingsley
Chief of Operations & Organizational Knowledge
Dr. Carlos Walker
Chief of Community & Strategic Partnerships
Kim Logan
Chief of Research, Learning, and Evaluation
Mercedes Mason
Human Resource Officer & Human Development Specialist
Azimu is Swahili for “serious undertaking.”

That's why forecasting is so integral to our services. Our goal is to stabilize your entity for the current state and ensure your capacity to be future-ready.

We specialize in guiding entities through this process of organizational transformation.

Thank you for making time to preview our services as you consider us as a strategic advisory lead or collaborator.

Herein, we provide a glance into our capabilities but most importantly the driving values and heart of our team.

How We Work

We go beyond strategic planning to provide strategic alignment, operational coherence, and shared clarity
Your organization’s optimal performance starts here—with your organization working with us
We measurably materialize the vision with our clients and partners



What’s Azimu Group’s (AG) unique value proposition?


AG provides an array of services. Yet, central to our work is that we utilize forecasting, specific to the entity sector, combined with a human centered and ecosystem approach to design an operational and organizational transformation plan that ensures entities are not just stable now but exhibit long term resilience to the global emerging landscape.


I don’t see my specific service need reflected in your service modules. Do you accept clients outside of your service scopes?


Yes! The listed service modules reflect our curated practice and some are informed by our copyrighted framework. But not to worry, we’re here to help! We understand all clients’ service needs are unique. Do we review for “fit” and capacity.


I’m interested! But what if I don’t know what my organization needs? Do you all have exploratory conversations?


Yes, in situations like these, we provide clients an intake form we review ahead of a check-in call to fully understand clients’ goals and provide a rough proposal.